get to know be well

what is be well all about?

Be Well is a medical practice specializing in Bariatrics, Anti-Aging, and Wellness. This is not your average pop-up weight loss clinic. After being in the weight loss industry for many years, we have seen many clinics give this much needed specialty a bad rap. Some clinics do not have medical providers and staff the clinic with persons that have no licensing, have so many clinics that they simply cannot offer a patient-centered approach, partake in unethical and immoral business and medical practices, and operate as a “pill mill” in the eyes of others; to name a few. Because of this, “weight loss clinics” have been painted in the eyes of others as an undesirable and unfounded practice. This specialty needs to be seen in the eyes of medical professionals, the public, and insurance companies as a legitimate branch of medicine. This is the only way we can pave the way for patients to receive the care they need to improve their health and lives and for those providers practicing in an ethical manner to be called upon for this. The manner in which this can be built is through professionalism, using evidence-based care, medical collaboration, and maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards.

Our patients need and deserve attention, compassion, time, and support. Other clinics that require their staff to see patients so quickly that these focus values cannot be implemented are not doing their patient’s justice. Weight is something that most have struggled with for a long time and cannot be attended to comprehensively or unraveled in a matter of minutes. Comprehensive care requires multiple visits and recognizing the appropriate amount of time each patient requires at each of those visits. Obesity is not something that can be addressed by just giving every patient a magic “little pill”, taking their money, and sending them on their way. Patients know when they are cared for and valued and when they are just being used. If patients feel this, they may not seek the care that could potentially save their lives. We will always respect our patients’ time, but also know that obesity is something that effects patients mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Because of this, we want to make sure our patients are equipped with all the tools necessary for success. You will find that some visits take
longer and when you are demonstrating confidence and success in what you are doing, visits may only take a few minutes.

The vision behind Be Well and its approach to this much-needed specialty was born out of a collaboration of Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Registered Nurses, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers, and Psychologists that have had experiences that have rendered opportunities to realize what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes this is not the same for every patient, but because of having this conglomeration of professionals we can provide our patients with the best, most comprehensive care.