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15. Family Nurse Practitioner

Hi everyone! I’m Brooklyn. I am so excited to be a part of the Be Well team! I am born and raised a coal miners daughter in a small town just a few miles north of Knoxville. My momma and daddy told me I could do anything I wanted to do in life! So I did.

I obtained a love for beauty and cosmetics at an early age. I have always enjoyed applying and wearing makeup, so much so that I pondered on how I could implement this as a career choice. Fast forward to college, I questioned my path. However, I have always found joy in helping others, so I quickly found my footing. I became a bachelors prepared nurse in 2020. From there I pursued a position in the ICU. This is where I would work up until, well now! During this time I graduated with my masters in nursing as family nurse practitioner in December of 2023. In this new age of medicine, and the grace of God, I have been able to pursue a position where my two passions can collide.

My intentions as a provider here at Be Well, are to help people improve their level confidence while finding the best version of themselves. As a former patient, I think a clinic such as Be Well offers some of the best care that we can obtain for ourselves. I truly believe that the ability to look well, inevitable helps us feel well! 


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